​Bohinj lake is one of the most famous lakes in Slovenia. And it is also the largest natural and permanent lake in Slovenia. And what is best, it is surrounded by nature, not by concrete...

​So, do you want to enjoy the water or next to it? Visit Bohinj Lake. It is beautiful all year seasons...


​I've mentioned Bohinj Lake, ​as the largest natural, permanent lake in Slovenia.

Why should I emphasize the "largest, natural" lake? Simple.

Because Lake Ptuj, for example, is larger and also permanent. It extends over the surface of 346 ha and Bohinj Lake to only 318 ha.

However, Ptuj Lake is an artificial origin. It was formed by the dam of the Drava River under Ptuj in 1978. It serves as a reservoir for the hydroelectric plant Formin.

On the other hand, Cerknica Lake is the largest natural lake. Namely, it covers as many as 2,500 ha, that is, for almost eight Bohinj lakes.

​But, Lake Cerknica is intermittent.


​Bohinj Lake is excellent for all nature lovers. Regardless of sport-active or just relaxation seeking.

​And in the meantime when you will spend your holidays near Bohinj Lake, why not hire a local tourist guide for showing you around.


​Late spring until the middle of the autumn is the best time for sports activities on Bohinj Lake.

Well, for swimming in the lake is a bit shorter season. Usually, the best time is from the end of June or beginning of July until the end of August and sometimes even until the end of September. Of course, it depends on the weather.

The first more significant rain after the middle of August usually cools it down, so gets cold and not warm enough for most of the swimmers. ​But now, this rain could ​come at the end of August or the end of September, who knows.

Anyway, there are many other activities which you can do on the Bohinj Lake.

Rowing Sports

​You can, for example, use SUP, kayak, canoe​.

Well, there are quite a few of Sports agencies in Bohinj. But I would recommend you to rent the equipment in Alpinsport. It is only a few meters away from the Bohinj lake. There you will get all the stuff needed, also for your security. And, in case you are not used to doing something like this, you can get an instructor as well. So you will go home proud since you will learn something new.

​You can also rent wooden boats, if you prefer, at the Izzy Boathouse directly on Bohinj Lake.

​If you are planning to use your boats, canoes, etc, please read carefully the Boating Regulations established by Bohinj Municipality.

Flyfishing Sport

​Maybe you are a bigger fan of more relaxed sports, like fishing?

​The Bohinj Lake as also Sava Bohinjka river and Mostnica River are great places for you. There is allowed flyfishing and once a year, in the autumn there is even a Fly-fishing Festival in Bohinj In the year 2019, it will take place from 21. - 29. September. The website on the link is old, but there probably won't be lots of diversities.

It's worth to stay in our apartment during this and other festivals in Bohinj. You will always get the accommodation for a reasonable price and some extra bonuses...   Check out here!

​Most important Information about the regulations, fishing areas and permits you can find here.​

Diving Sport

​Are you interested in how the Bohinj Lake looks from inside? Do you want to see its underwater world?

No problem. There is a possibility to do this. You can dive in it.

Never done it before or not quite sure in your capability? No reason to hesitate. You can book a course with an experienced instructor.

Anyway, also if you are an expert, it can be worth to go in the water with the local expert. He knows the water well and can take you in the most beautiful and interesting spot in the lake.

More info and booking here.

Hiking Around The Lake?

​Not a fan of water? Or are you just looking for a diversification?

Join a local guide on the hike ​Around the Bohinj Lake. It will be an exciting walk, about 12 km long. And during the hike, you will find out many interesting things about Bohinj, its lake, and surrounding.

We will avoid the road so that we will walk on it only a few hundred meters. All the rest will be in nature, mostly forest.

We will stop on the other side of the lake, for a coffee or lunch. So you will refill your body with energy.

Do you still think 12 km is too much for you? Don't worry. We can walk on the one side of the Bohinj Lake and return with a Tourist Boat.

​Have you visited Bohinj Lake yet?

Write in the comment below your thoughts, how do you like ​it and how did you spend time ​at it ☺

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